Gerald Boland Memorial Dedication Ceremony

Gerry BolandSunday, September 14th 1-2pm
Lyons Elementary School
338 High Street Lyons, CO

Gerald Boland Memorial Dedication Ceremony

  • Master of Ceremonies – Laverne Johnson
  • Dedication of Stone, Bench and Bus Lane by Joie Siegrist, St Vrain Valley School Board District Representative
  • At this time we will invite any former students and friends of Mr. Boland to share their memories and stories
  • The Boland family will honor the rescue crew that saved Cheron Boland from her flooded car:
    • Rusty Ribble – Town of Lyons
    • Evan Patronik – Lyons Fire Protection District
  • Lyons Alumni George Finnell will perform:
    • The Night the River Rose
    • If Not For the Storm

It is sad to all of us that Gerald Boland lost his life in the flood looking for his wife, Cheron. He taught at Lyons Elementary School from 1959-1989. Our community is better for having Gerald Boland as our teacher, coach, scout leader and friend to all.

Gerry Boland RetirementThe Bolands have been members of the Lyons Community since 1959 and lived in their Lyons home (that was lost in the flood) for 52 years. During the evacuation and chaos of the flood the early morning of September 12, 2013, the Bolands became separated from each other as they took both cars to evacuate. Gerald went to the Lyons Elementary School shelter but Cheron had pulled over to look for him. In fear for her safety, he left the shelter to drive back to their home to look for her and was swept away in the North St Vrain flood waters, his body was found by Search and Rescue over seven days later. The last place he was seen alive was that morning at the Lyons Elementary School.

We hope to see you there!